Pool Sizes

Affinity Pools and Spas has a great range of pool shapes and sizes. All have high tensile strength, which means they flex with ground movements, and are covered by a 25 year structural guarantee.

Please Note: Pools are listed in order of size and are not to scale.

5 metre pools:


Size: 5m x 3m   Depth: 1.5m

The Hamilton

Size: 5m x 3.3m   Depth: 1.23m

6 metre pools:

Cosmo 6

Size: 6.4 m x 4m   Depth: 1.1m to 1.7m

Nova 6

Size: 6m x 3m   Depth: 1.5m


Size: 6.5m x 3.85m   Depth: 1.23m to 1.7m

Belmont 6

Size: 6.22m x 3.85m   Depth: 1.36m to 1.65m


Size: 6.1m x 2.46m   Depth: 1.23m

7 metre pools:

Cosmo 7

Size: 7m x 4.2m   Depth: 1m to 1.75m

Belmont 7

Size: 7.5m x 3.7m   Depth: 1.1m to 1.6m


Size: 7.6m x 3.56m   Depth: 0.95m to 1.6m

8 metre pools:

Cosmo 8

Size: 8m x 4.2m   Depth: 1m to 1.8m

Belmont 8

Size: 8.1m x 4.5m   Depth: 1.1m to 1.7m


Size: 8.2m x 4.2m   Depth: 1.1m to 1.7m


Size: 8.3m x 4.1m   Depth: 1m tm 1.7m


Size: 8m x 3.3m   Depth: 1.23m

Classic 8

Size: 8.5m x 4.3m   Depth: 1.1m to 1.7m

9 metre pools:

Cosmo 9

Size: 9m x 4.4m   Depth: 1m to 1.85m

Belmont 9

Size: 9.2m x 4.5m   Depth: 1m to 1.7m


Size: 9.2m x 4.2m   Depth: 1.1m to 1.8m


Size: 9.2m x 4.2m   Depth: 1.1m to 1.8m

10 metre pools:

Cosmo 10

Size: 10m x 4.4m   Depth: 0.9m to 1.9m

Belmont 10

Size: 10m x 4.5m   Depth: 1m to 1.7m

Classic 10

Size: 10.5m x 4.3m   Depth: 1m to 1.7m

11 metre pools:

Cosmo 101

Size: 11m x 4.4m   Depth: 0.9m to 1.9m


Size: 11.1m x 4.4m   Depth: 0.9m to 1.9m

Belmont 11

Size: 11.3m x 4.6m   Depth: 1m to 1.86m

Lap Pools:

lap pool

Size: 13.5m x 3m   Depth: 1.5m